The Holidays--What a Crazy 2 Weeks!

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Somebody's had enough of the Eagles! Christmas Morning!!! What a big day this little guy had opening all his presents!

We also had Abe's Baptism while Daddy was home!

And his US adoption!

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

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Abe-y Baby

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Hanging out in his own seat on the flight home.
Just looking handsome.

The first time I laid eyes on you.

Where do I start? First, I don't know how we can be so blessed? This just the light of our lives. Where did he come from? How were we chosen? God is so great! We put all our faith in God that our path was the right path. Only guided by God's grace were we able to stay the course. What an answer to prayers our little Abraham is! happy! So curious, outgoing, sharp and eager to explore his world! We are so blessed to be his parents. I just couldn't imagine my life any better spent than being Abe's mommy. This journey, magical changing in so many ways--is just the beginning of a life of love. We are so in love with this little man, this unbelievably charming little guy.....i just don't know how we could be so fortunate!

Our trip was Amazing! What a culture! What an amazing, wonderful world filled with beautiful, friendly people; out of this world food, music, dancing; culture and art! Africa is a magical place....I can not wait to go back!
We stayed at Bejoe House and I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone planning an upcoming trip. When we arrived, we were treated as if we just got home! The girls at Bejoe are so welcoming, funny and made the week so enjoyable for my Dad and me.

So, I am really interested in getting together with folks in Northeast US.... I have many months of just Abe and me, and we are willing and able to travel a few hours to meet up with other families. Please keep us in mind if anyone is planning a get togheter in the northeast corrider (mostly mid-atlantic probably until Doug returns).
And, if you have an upcoming trip, please feel free to respond with any questions! I'm happy to share our experience.


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Finally, Abe meets Daddy!

Looking for Suggestions!

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First, thank you so much to everyone for all of your kind words of encouragement. This is so magical, and we feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have everyone's loving support!

Thank you to all of the wonderful blogging families and for all of your beautiful hearts and all are truly amazing people doing God's work all over the world. Your words of encouragement are unbelievable--I haven't returned all of your acts of kindness but I do wish to speak to as many adoptive families as possible.

My email address is Please write to me "off-blog", if you can. Especially those who might be able to get together (we are in Philadelphia, PA area)...but we are mobile and willing to travel (as much as $$ will allow).

Ok, so Dutch (my Dad) is travelling with me and he is urging me to get suggestions...on EVERYTHING! We are mostly looking for suggestions on the best guesthouses to stay at, as well as anything else anyone thinks is important to know about food, water, altitude, cultural activities, travel, etc.

Oh Yes, and needless to say, our little guy will be going through quite the transition, so if there is any advice on that front...we would surely welcome it. Abe is going to be 5.5 months old when we get there, so feeding is of utmost concern to me to make sure he doesn't have any tummy issues, especially while travelling. So, anyone who had brought home a little one in this age range, please do feel free to share with me what you took for food/formula. I am concerned about switching his formula mid trip and running into digestion problems.

Thank you everyone, again, for your support. It means the world to have so many people sharing this experience with us, supporting us with love and prayer. All our appreciation, Doug and Amy

Abraham's Referral Photos (2.5 months old)

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The first pictures we saw of our beautiful boy....

Pictures--3.5 month

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